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Triumph make amazing bikes. You need do nothing more than the most cursory Google search to learn that the products build quality, craftsmanship, reliability, performance, comfort and riding excitement are second to none. They are like the Porsche of motorcycles. I love my Bonneville Bobber Black, but what I love most about it are the professionals who helped me buy it, and help me keep it in top condition. Ty Truong, in particular, is a consummate professional and a fine gentleman. He patiently walked me through the features and benefits of the different bikes in the range, and took me on a thorough test drive of the Bobber black, so that when I made my choice, I did so very confidently. Even more important, Ty follows through. He called me the next day, and several days after that to make sure I was getting on well with the bike and to ask how else he could be of service. He is always a phone call or text away to answer any questions I have and is an earnest liaison between me and his outstanding colleagues in parts, maintenance and management. He makes me feel like a client, not a customer, and as a professional myself, I very much appreciate that. Triumph markets itself as a manufacturer of premium bikes, and they are correct. But I think that it is important to understand that Tampa Triumph consistently honor the Triumph brand by making sure that their service is as premium as the product. Ty Truong and everyone on his team of passionate and dedicated professionals will make sure that your buying and ownership experience are one of the great pleasures of your life. (Employee: Ty Truong)
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Ephraim Gerstein
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